Indexa has the vision to simplify access of legal information for justice seekers.

Bringing More Impactfull Process

With team consist of Technology and Legal Perspective give us concept not only in Technical Way but also how this change can be implemented to Legal professional. Within this process our understanding regarding legal need can be utilize and change legal process that enables legal to find what’s important, understand why it’s important, and put that information to use in the most persuasive way possible.

Evandri G Pantouw
Certified IP Consultant

Digital Legal and Civic Disruptor, with history working in the legal services, goverment, civil society and research industry.
Skilled in cyber Security, E-Commerce, Certificate Authority, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, and Personal Data Protection.
Focus in Social Impact, Startup Ecosystem, Criminal Justice and Cyber Security.
Understand Legal as Legal Bachelor and Technology in Coding in HTML, Phyton and PHP.

RM Agung Setiawan
IT Specialist

Developer in build since 2011, have capability in Technical Approach in Natural Language Processing, PHP, Java, Angular JS and React JS.
Doing many developing Application within any issue regarding HR, Web Application and Legal.
Coding in blood with TI Bachelor and Magister in Law

Comrade In Changing Legal System

Our Impact

17 Policy Reform Base on Indexa Platform 

Impacted Around

Micro and Small Enterprises
Woman And Children
Want to bring Social Justice ?

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