Regulatory and Legal Technolgy

Analytic and Regulatory Engine for Legal Professional, Government, Civil Society, and Regulator. 

There are only two ways to influence human behavior you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.

Simon Sinek


Focus On Enabling Legal Professional to find, integrate and visualize each data to give a deeper understanding and connection between legal information.

Our System integrates many aspects of legal information and presenting in a new way for user experience, each piece of information will be displayed interactively. Legal professionals will get legal insight that connection between each legal information, regulation connection, a trend in judge consideration, the recurring material in the trial and verdict in case clusters. Utilize cutting edge to make predictive information of case by using data gathering not only form legal information but also from other information like media and social media.

Legal Reform Through Digitalization

Indexa hope to reform and geared up to work process for legal professionals in conducting legal research, information gathering activities and professional workflow process in commercial, litigation and public service legal assistance.


Legal Professional

Digital Goverment


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